our major problem in Borno state is unemployment,now it’s gradually coming to an end through Anchor borrowers programme. The unavailability of food is coming to an end in Borno State as well as starvation of food, Wal Wanne and Sons limited are creating farming opportunities to our farmers.
By mere positive expectations president Muhammadu Buhari will witness the lunching of the pyramid in Maiduguri. And unshakable will be glad about these rice producing. However
Nigeria has the ability to produce Rice compatibly.

Wal wanne has the potential of growing enough rice to support it’s growing population and generate surplus that can be exported to the neighbouring continent . and it will be backdrop that the present Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari will come on board and preached about the need to diversify the economy , Because many States government in his region took up the challenges more particularly North-East particularly Borno State.
Nevertheless, today the story is different as groundnut pyramids have not only disappeared but the crops no longer economically viable, as rice has taken over the position of groundnut in the region. If we considered , Rice is the most one of staple food consumed in most homes, twice a day nor thrice,
Because it has economy value.

But what the country produces annually is just three million metric tonnes. Leaving it with a deficit of two million metric tonnes.
We expect now to be Six million metric tonnes annually, and also leaving it with a deficit of four million metric tonnes Statistically. What we assumed every years from now.

The country import about Two million metric tonnes, Saying on the average Nigeria Spends are billion Naira on rice importation Daily ( 365 billion Naira annually.) But why our marketers, farmers , Agrarian, are not gathered there minds and ideas so that to makes our great nations out of dilemma.

That ravaged the northern Nigerian losses with an estimated loss of $250 million in regional trade should be recovered accordingly. With the consortium nature of this partnership success stories will comes, Because difference perceptions, knowledge, financially and academically if are applied under Wal_wanne and sons limited success most be achieved.
Although it can helps to increased for sustain rice producing for small farmers as well as Nigerian citizenry will be leaved happily.