One of the major economic activity of the people of Borno state is principally farming. It is estimated that more than 80% of its inhabitants into farming. Hence, it serves as a source of food as well as job opportunity for the teeming population. Unfortunately, the state suffered untold hardship and humanitarian crisis as a result of violent activities of the insurgency in the state. Consequently, farmers were displaced and deprived of right to life and prosperity.
But ofcourse, after the night they say is the dawn. Wal wanne and sons limited, through anchor borrowers programme of the central bank of Nig. which basically aims to promote local rice production it’s very much timely and a great step towards the right direction.
According to the UN’s food and agricultural organisation, about 1.8 million farmers were displaced and scores were killed in the violent separatist fighting against the state Nigeria.
Despite the turmoil and instability which ravage the state in recent years, wal wanne and sons limited was able to mobilised more than 18,000 farmers across the state, inspired them with neccessary funding, mechanization, and expertise, and the outcome was mind-boggling. sequel to the bumper harvest recorded in the state, 36,000 bags of rice were harvested and will be unveilled and displayed in pyramid on tuesday, 27 match, 2018.

The rice pyramid which is to be unveil in grand style by president mohammedu buhari, it’s arguably one of its kind not only in state, but Nigeria as entity. According to an agriculturist, “such remarkable and massive rice production, if sustain in the state by the goverment will help create employment, food security, improved house-hold welfare and undoubtedly make agriculture attractive amongst the young populace as millionaire farmers are going to emerge from the process. with measures put in place by wal wanne and sons limited in the agricultural sector, it is generally believed that rice importation would soon come to an end in nigeria.similarly, with the fast growing population and high incidence of unemployment in nigeria, it is only agriculture which provides more employment opportunities to the labour forces. In this way, significance of employment emerges more and more.

In a report published by NAN, Alhaji kabir abiso, an anchor borrowers client stressed that,” the work on the pyramid has reach advanced stage” as residents of maiduguri are eagerly and anxiously awaits the arrival of President Buhari to unveil the rice pyramid of 11,000 bags each. Tuesday will be an unforgetable day in the history of Nigeria’s agricultural sector. Alhaji Abiso also added that, “the idea is to showcase the agricultural potentials in the state”.

It could be recall that, the central bank of Nigeria in-line with its development function established the anchor borrowers programme, which was launched by president Buhari on November 17, 2015. The programme is solely aimed at creating linkage between anchor companies that are inolve in processing and small scale farmers of the required key agricultural commodities.

If as the years goes by, more farmers are empowered with the neccessary input and funding the production of rice will greatly develop the country, there will be enough rice not only to sustain Borno state, but ofcourse Nigeria at large. Hence, a balance development of agriculture is the need of the day.