Written by secretary rice farmers/Vendors cooperative society of Borno.

It is very disheartening that some people spare no effort to take propaganda beyond its acceptable gauge. I stumbled upon an article by one self -aclaimed concern citizen who claimed to have a know-how about the agricultural sector in Borno state. He ignorantly questioned the possibility of massive rice production in Borno state by Wal wanne 18,000 farmers.

Nevertheless, we are leaving in a free world, where everybody is entitled to his own opinion. One can sit at the comfort of his room, with little or no information at his disposal, fabricates malicious and false statements aimed at sabotaging the efforts and goodwill of others. The write up is far much from the truth and indeed it’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.

The anchor borrowers clients works hand in hand with the the CBN and the Bank of agric to attend this milestone achievement. Every step of the process was done so transparent that, raising alarm as to how a single individual can harvest 36,000 paddy rice is a clear indications of the futile attempt of a mischievous element to alter the fact around development in Borno state. Also, he is unavoidably leaving in the past.

In his propagandist article, he named five local government of Borno which include Damasak, Jere, Abadam Banki(Bama), Marte which he said that farming activities never took place for the last five years in those areas. He however, forgot to acknowledge the fact that,wal wanne and sons limited never said their 33,000 paddy rice, which expectedly will be unveil by Mr President , were harvested in the said local governments. Rather, they were farmed in Biu, Hawul, Damboa, Mafa, kwaya kusar,Shani, jere, konduga and Maiduguri.This clearly shows how misinformed and desperate he was to disseminate falsehood at the expense of gullible Bornolites.

According to the Head of Development Finance of the CBN, Maiduguri branch, Mahmood Nyako, stated in an interview that, before an anchor borrowers client will be approved and given a signal to farm, prior research has to be conducted as to where will be the ideal place should be for the time being. Consequently, they focused mostly in southern Borno’s local governments and some part of Borno central.

Among the local governments he emphasized on as being the only rice producer, not even one was mentioned by Mahmood, Contrary to his narrow-minded view that

Rice production can only be done in those local government he mentioned. People should disregard gullibility which is the basic ingredients that encourages tale bearing.

The good people of Borno state are hereby strongly advised to shun the rumours by the unscrupulous elements working against the progress of Borno and indulging in act that can truncate the smooth running of unveiling the rice pyramid. It is therefore outrightly unfounded and terribly mischievous.

The wishes of the army of mis-information and misguidance, who are nothing but enemies of progress to our dear state. They are on a mission to see to it that, the state never prosper.

Wal wanne’s contributions to the success of the state cannot be distracted or swayed by naysayers. Advisably, they should find a new pastime and make effort to be part of the train of progress. whether they like it or not, Borno state is part of affirmed success.