society’s basic needs basically is to have a sustainable agricultural programme that will enhance farmers to actively engage in their farming activities which will consequently result in abundant availability of food.

Food demand in Nigeria has generally grown faster than either food production or food supply. According to a report by CBN, the rate of increase of food production of 2.5 per annum does not keep pace with the annual population growth of 2.8 per annum

It is said that, the basic needs of one citizen is the basic needs of every citizen. In other words, no matter how highly place one may be, he or she, definitely needs food to carry on with the hustle and bustle of daily activities.

luckily for the farmers of Borno state. In this regard, wal wane and sons limited has to a large extend, positively affects the livelihood of Borno state people in no small way by proving beyond reasonable doubt that, self-sufficient of food production is attainable if adequate support is given on the part of government.

Some people argues that, agriculture in Borno of today does not bring all possible benefits, but professionalism and wise management has proved them absolutely wrong. Wal wanne farmers have done an incredible job of harvesting 33,000 bags of paddy rice.

So far so good, Wal wanne and sons limited has been applauded for their potentials to provide a solution and more environmentally friendly agriculture, especially in the face of unprecedented climate, global change and security challenges that has been the order of the day in Borno state.

However, it’s very obvious to every right thinking citizen of Borno state, who want the state to be economically buoyant, that the measures put in place by wal wanne, if sustain , will lift Nigerians out of poverty that is bedevilling our youths and put back the lost glory of agriculture, which was abandoned due to enthusiasm for oil revenues.

It is worth noting that, the unveiling of 33,000 bags of paddy rice pyramid which will be grace by President Buhari is a clear picture of the developmental agenda of wal wanne farmers, in-line with the CBN anchor borrowers programme to promote local rice production and create millions job for the rapidly growing population.