Our History

The word Wal-Wanne comes from the Shuwa Arab word meaning the son of Wanne. The company is so named to appreciate the blessing and prayers of the mother of the MD/CEO, Alhaji Abiso Kabir. The company is an offshoot of Alhaji Abiso Hassan and Sons Limited, a company established by the grandfather of Alhaji Abiso Kabir. The parent company had an impressive and successful history of commerce and trade in cattle and agricultural product particularly from Gum Arabic, within Nigeria and neighboring countries. For instance the parent company was known to have engaged in the interactive sugar distribution and sale from Kano to Gamboru Ngala. Such also later found itself into countries like Cameroon, Chad and Central Africa.

The parent company also engaged in textile trade, whereby cloth was purchased from the textile mills of Kano and Kaduna and transported to Gamboru Ngala, which would later be taken to Cameroon and Chad republics.

With the oil boom of the 1970s the parent company began to be awarded contracts by both the federal and state governments after it was incorporated in 1976 as a limited liability company. The company actively participated in the civil war reconstruction programs of the federal government and successfully executed all contracts awarded to it.

By 1993, the parent company moved into the petroleum business where it engaged in pre-movement, distribution and sale of petroleum products.

In 2013 the name Wal-Wanne was adopted to replace that of the parent company and a new incorporation certificate was gotten. Structural changes were effected and scope and activities of the company widened to reflect the new and diverse nature of the business environment. In this wise, the new company engages in agricultural activities especially in collaboration with CBN in its Anchor Borrowers’ Programme for rice farming. Presently the company has registered over 10,000 farmers to participate in this programme effective 2016/2017 farming season. The company engages in the pro-movement of sesame seeds and exporting same. A variety of exportable agricultural products are also listed in our export business.

The company has put under cultivation, in Borno State particularly, over 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) hectares of arable land with expectation of high yield at the end of the farming season.

Being an agricultural and merchandising company, Wal-wanne and sons delves into several businesses as indicated in the vision and mission of the company.


The company is limited by shares.

Wal-Wanne And Sons Limited is headed by a Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, with four directors as assistants.

The company also has a project management and implementation team comprising of highly qualified technicians and professionals backed by a well-trained crop of field assistants deployed to execute the project of the company.

Wal-Wanne and Sons Limited has its headquarters in Lagos and a branch in Abuja. The company has its operational base in Maiduguri, borno state.

Below are the addresses of the company.

  1. Abuja, FCT                                            Branch Abuja
  2. Lagos                                                      Headquarters, Lagos
  3. Maiduguri                                             Operational Branch


Our Background

WAL- WANNE AND SONS LIMITED is a private limited company incorporated in 2013 with its headquarters in Lagos and branches in Abuja and Maiduguri with objectives to:

  • Carry on the business of general merchandise and also acts as agents and manufacturer representative for the distribution of all kind of goods and services.
  • Carry on the business of hospitals/clinic supply of equipment and mobilization of enrollees of the National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS).
  • Carry on business of Agricultural mechanized farming and agro-allied products and any of the activities of producing, supplying, processing, storing distributing and marketing of farm produce and products.
  • Do all other things that may be considered necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.
  1. We Also have expertise in:
  1. Rice farming and have the potential to go into rice processing. Currently we are into partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on the Anchor Borrowers’ Scheme for rice production with about 600 enrollees and farming area cutting across Jere, Mafa and Konduga Local Government areas.
  2. Sesame seed farming and processing using part of the farm lands in Jere, Mafa and Konduga LGA.
  3. Gum Arabic farming and processing for export.
  4. Mobilizing enrollees into the National Health insurance Scheme.


To be excellent in our product and service delivery to the community with distinguished shared values of customer satisfaction, creativity, teamwork and integrity.


To achieve the above vision, we shall provide products and services that will be of value to the community, employing the best practice in technology as well as highly skilled manpower to deliver while taking into consideration the social, economy and political peculiarities of the environment we serve. The company along with its partners will deliver products and services that will transform the lives of the community it serves.

Our Values

Communicating honestly and creating relationships is a big part of who we are. We believe that trust and transparency are vital elements in creating and retaining successful future business relationships.

Our people are our most valuable asset. Combining their unique qualities and talents increase the value of our team.

Saying is doing, we make only realistic commitments and follow through to fulfill every commitment made.

We are our own most vigilant critics, always assessing and appraising our decisions and actions to assure the best possible outcomes.

We are a learning organization. We encourage and support continuous learning and development or our people as drivers of our continued improvement.

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