03 Apr 2018



This had been the common experience of rice farmers for many years ago in this country.
Which is as a result of poor political will to ensure self – sufficiency in the production, consumption and importation of rice by Nigerians.

President Muhammadu Buhari policy on rice project is quit different ideas for the economy as an another Agenda. He discovered that,
it’s indeed lamentable for a country such as Nigeria with huge human and natural resources ( land and water), including Capital has continued to bear the burden of unbearable pain of rice importation for many decades following huge Capital flight and increasing unemployment. He tried to tackle this way through support by his administration.

The industry has turned out to be a shadow of itself as some government officials had virtually grounded the production of rice in the country and had convied with some international business who have continued to milk away the resources that would have been used to developed and boost rice production.

The current spate of rice importation gives serious concern as the nation celebrates 53rd anniversary of its Independence.

It is disheartening to see rice importers from India, like the Owners of stallion Group, the Vasawani Brothers, who won the coverted national award of Thailand, as Thailand best friend in 2009,
Now past administration has failed to sustain rice production in the country following the poor implementation of different Agriculture policies such as Operation Feed the Nation, Green Revolution, School to farm, and others ordeal of rice farmers, all this are not in existence yet before. The painful part is rice farmers have been in crisis since the late 1970’s till date as the policies of Government do not protect them from the hostile competition they have been facing from importing merchants.

However, harvest and process, people buy off immediately, the demand is high even for local rice but the quantity we are able to produce is not much.

We thank God, Now Borno State Government has been very helpful but we still appeal to the federal government to offer help to rice farmers so we can plant larger quantity by making available tractors, harvesters, boom sprayers which is needed to spray the farm and kill weeds at the early stages.

Wal-wanne & Sons it’s mechanisation, Farming would become more attractive to youths and opposed to this growing trend of KEKE NAPEP Business .

Although rice farming without mechanisation is tedious and not so Profitable. For instance,
When Rice is planted today, the following day the boom sprayer has to be used to spray herbicides to prevent weeds.
If done , weeds would not come up until about two months later by which time the rice would have fully grown and we are so thankful to the Borno State governor, kashim Shettima for his wonderful support and Cooperation in order to improve and facilitate the our farming activities by their own helps. And we constructing irrigation facilities, so that rain or no rain.
We can plant rice at least twice a year.


31 Mar 2018



we are happy to tells Bornoians of a giant stride made by the Wal-wanne & Sons Ltd,
Specifically Rice production.

Borno State is inching closer to achieving self – sufficiency in rice due to the success recorded by the Wal-wanne & Sons Ltd in the local production of rice. But why wailers are wailing the increased production was bound to force down the price of locally – produce Rice and provide succour to people of Borno.
Younger and commercially oriented farmers will be encouraged to go in to rice production wal-wanne rice production potential will be boosted.
Value chain opportunities supporting rice production will also contribute to the nations economy.

Paddy Rice pyramids making this a reality requires of strengthening of rural infrastructure including roads , irrigation and milling and processing facilities as well as boosting the farmers ability to market the produce But why haters are more busy doing hating .

Already we have 3 Paddy Rice Pyramids that are in operation and existence and we are planning to cultivated 100.000 hectares of land to produce 400.000 tonnes of rice in the next year on each local Government of Borno state.

Totally we want to domesticate rice production in Borno State and we are going beyond individual production .

Wal-wanne & Sons has the potential of causing a revolution in the nations rice production. We attached great importance to the value chain and the multipliers effect Agriculture can have on the economy of our dear state.

A massive revolution is going on across the state in the area of Rice production.
Walwanne farmland is breathing up on the leading rice producers in the State , not even only Borno the nation at-large will be shocked by the magnitude of work put in place to ensure rice sufficiency in the country.

Borno State cannot afford to continually depend on imported rice. What are we doing is to pioneer a collaboration that will bring other states on board later as we believe that our potentials are enormous and we must have pacesetters to start that process of joint collaboration for our collective good.

Long live Wal-wanne & Sons Ltd.

30 Mar 2018



Written by Alhaji Shettima Kachallah, Secretary Borno rice Farmers association.

Borno rice farmers
Wholeheartedly wish to recommend Alhaji Dr Abiso kabir for the award of National merit award of the officer of the order of Niger(OON). This is coming in view of his uncommon excellence which demonstrated innovations and entrepreneurship. He is an incredibly a philanthropist and youth ambassador with a talent second-to-none, working tirelessly to promote peace and development in Borno state and Nigeria at large.

His outstanding qualities which basically hammered on achievements and display of moral courage and vision in making and delivering tough choices amongst others, imparted positively on our society, distinguishes him as a deserving awardee.

Alhaji Dr. Abiso Kabir held from Gamboru ngala local government area of Borno State. He was born on 13th October, 1972 and attended Shokari LEA primary school and government college Maiduguri for his primary and secondary school respectively

Dr Kabir’s educational background is a mind-boggling. At age of 45, he has bagged 5 degrees which includes a doctoral degree in Entrepreneurship Management from Oxford University, Namibia, two masters degrees in ICT and Business Administration/Management, a Bachelor of Science in Economics, as well as National and Higher National Diplomas in Town and Regional and Urban and Regional Planning correspondingly.

In addition, Dr Kabir is known for his versatility and people’s oriented characteristics which at all times is directed towards the realization of a better society where its inhabitants will be self-reliant and economically buoyant. This is evidently shown by way of combining both politics, a career in civil service, a farmer and as well a humanitarian per excellence. He is a die-hard supporter and the north-east cordinator of the Buhari campaign organization. He is indeed an epitome of humility.

However, Dr Abiso currently sponsors a considerable number of youths studying abroad in different countries of the world and empowered scores of youths, women and the vulnerable in the society. His philanthropic nature admits no comparison.

He is the pioneer and the brain behind wal wanne and sons limited, a client of the anchor borrowers program of the central bank of Nigeria (CBN). He was able to mobilised 18,000 farmers, support them with neccessary funding, mechanization and expertise In Borno, Despite instability and violent activity of insurgents in the state. Hence, 33,000 bags of paddy rice were harvest and arranged in pyramid, unveiled by president Buhari on Tuesday, 27 March, 2018.

Also, Dr. Abiso is an active member of the Paddy Rice Dealers Association, Sugarcane Farmers Association and Rice Farmers Association in Borno State.

Historically, it has been recognized that people play a major role in providing a quality services to societies, but for such to be sustain, the doers are motivated and consequently improvement will be non stop.

This vibrant and enterprising fellow should be encouraged and honoured for proving to the world that, against all odd, Borno is indeed an agrarian state so that others will take interest in agriculture. He deserves this award for his outstanding service to humanity.

Considering how unenchanted our youths are, they shy away from agriculture, the award will inspire them and aspiring farmers in Borno State and Nigeria at large to embrace agriculture and imbibe the spirit of volunteerism to help their communities.

Besides academic laurels, Abiso has received several fellowships and honours from professional bodies in Nigeria and abroad, which include: England Institute of World Chartered Economists, 2017; Africa Institute of Chartered Entrepreneurship Management 2017; Institute of Global Communication & Diplomacy, 2014; Institute of Chartered Economists of Ghana, 2013; and Associate Member, Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria 2006;
He is a recipient of the Merit Award of the Institute of Treasury Management & Financial Accountants, 2013.
A seasoned public servant, Abiso Kabir started his career at the Town Planning Zonal Office, Maiduri, where he did his 4 months Industrial Training Fund in 1992.

After his National Youth Service Corps with his alma mater, the Ramat Polytechnic, Abiso took a job with Ngala Local Government Council as Assistant Technical Officer (ATO) in 1994.
He moved to Kala Balge Local Government Council as Senior Technical Officer in 1997, and was later promoted to a Deputy Director of Works & Housing.
He did a change of cadre to assume the position of Deputy Treasurer of Magumeri Local Government in 2004.
He was appinted to serve as Chairman of Recovery Committee on Revenue and Treasury Receipt from Jan 2006.

After completing the assignment, Abiso was deployed to Bama Local Government as Deputy Treasurer.

He was the Secretary of Task Force Committee on Revenue from June 2007 until when he went to further his studies.
Upon return, he assumed the position of Treasurer in Gwoza Local Government Council from June 2011 to Feb 2013.

He is the current Treasurer of Kala Balge Local Government Council.

Dr. Abiso Kabir has occupied several leadership positions both during his school days and career. These include Secretary General, Al-Hayah Student Association,
Ramat Polytechnic Chapter Maiduguri (1992-1993) President, Al-Hayah Student Association, Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri Chapter (1997); Clerk, House and Senate; Member, Students
Union Government, Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri Chapter (1996-1997); and
Secretary and Social Director, Al-Hayah Student Association,
University of Maiduguri Chapter (1996-1999);

Other positions he held are:
Member, National Association of Town Planners, Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri (1993); National Union of Local Government Employees,
Kala Balge Chapter, Borno State (2003-2006);
His community service experience include: State Secretary, Scout Association of Nigeria, Borno State Chapter 2013-to Date;
Welfare Secretary, Balge Area Development Association 2003-2006; and Secretary, Education Committee, Al-Hayah Development Association of Nigeria 2002-2004;
The versatile personality we’re recommending to you for the ONN Merit Award has attended many seminars and conferences in Nigeria and abroad, and has many published works to his credit.
He speaks Kanuri, Shuwa Arab, Hausa, and English fluently. He is happily married with children.

30 Mar 2018


First Borno Rice Pyramid unveiled at the occasion in maiduguri today.

Alhamdulillah notable dignitaries and people from walks of life are converge at Ramat Square witnesses the Remarkable event which Consisted, His Excellency kashim Shettima, Borno State Governor, Kaka Shehu lawan , the Attorney General of the State, / Commissioner For Justice.
Alhaji Adamu Lawan, Commissioner of Works .

Back to mid 70’s, and as part of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Agricultural enhancement and promoting self sufficiency, Boosting local rice production, food security.

First ever rice Pyramid in Borno was unveiled and commissioned by His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari.
The historic events was withnesed By His Excellency executive Gov Kashim Shettima of Borno and the representative of Central Bank of Nigeria And federal ministry of Agriculture.

30 Mar 2018


One precious thing about time is, it definitely come to pass.The much awaited event of the year has ended in peace and tranquillity, with so much optimism both on the part of the hosts and the guests. But of course, it did not go well with the wailers.

I read with keen interest on how a countable number of people aired their baseless viewpoints on the originality of the 33,000 paddy rice bags, divided in pyramid, which was officially unveiled today, by President Muhammad Buhari at the well- attended event. This historic gathering undoubtedly kept the wailers mute and dumbfounded, unable to believe their mindset.

It did not come to me as a surprise that, naysayers working against the positive mission and vision of wal wanne, can’t see anything at the other side of the fence. Therefore, those who have pitch a story about wal wanne and sons limited, have understood by now, how myopic they are in the affairs of developing a state. These people create their own illusionary world only for their infantile underpinnings of pointless arguments.

Not sooner had wal wanne announced the unveiling of 3 paddy rice pyramid than the army of misinformation started victimizing and unleashing forces of hate that erodes the spirit of a progressive Borno. Their utterances were absolutely a fantasy and repetitions of stories fabricated by advocates of falsehood who were not there and do not know.

However,, some one has said that”the biggest man you ever did see was a boy”. Wal wanne did not achieve this milestone just overnight. So much hustle and bustle to make sure that opportunities of this kind, knocking at the door did not escape from Borno. A state blessed with natural resources and arable land, ought to utilized its potentials judiciously.

On the contrary, some people who regards farming as a primitive job to embark on, they claim to be modern, just woke up from their fantasized world and conclude that, it’s not possible to have such a bumper harvest in Borno state. Their argument is repleted with intense polarity boarding on impunity and gullibility. It is of great importance for us and the progress of our state that, “We must know when to wail and when to hail”

Nevertheless, spreading rumour and false assertion is not a good thing for sustainable development strategy. Rather, people are urged to be positive minded in their contributions towards the wellbeing and progress of our state. Also, to avoid finding ourselves in the receiving end, we must embrace agriculture wholeheartedly because it is capable of engaging as many people as those who wants to be part of it.

Borno state has today became among other states like Jigawa, Kebbi, Ogun, Ebonyi, Lagos among others to comply with the central bank (CBN) funded scheme through the anchor borrowers programme.

I am under no illusion that, wal wanne and sons limited, if as the years goes by, such massive rice production is maintained, Nigeria will bid farewell to rice importation and be self-sufficient, thereby creating jobs and food security in the Country. Hence, that is the ultimate goal of anchor borrowers scheme as well as wal wanne and sons limited.

Dignitaries and government functionaries from every nook and cranny of Nigeria were at the occasion to witness the achievement that admits no comparison in the history of agriculture in Borno state, to a large extend, Nigeria.

Few amongst the personalities present were, representative of President Muhammadu Buhari, the minister of Agric, central Bank of Nigeria , Bank of industry and other prominent politician’s from both state and nationally.
All’s is well that ends well.

30 Mar 2018

CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP): Governor Shettima unveils Paddy Rice Pyramid


Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima on Tuesday unveiled the private anchor Wal Wanne harvested Rice Pyramid supported by the Borno State Government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN Anchor Borrowers Scheme.

The Anchor Borrowers Programme is a CBN/FG programme aimed at creating linkages between smallholder farmers and reputable large scale processors with the view to scaling up the local production of rice so as to reduce the huge cost of foreign exchange spent on the importation of rice into the country.

Wal Wanne and Sons Ltd is through the private led window is the Anchor/Off-taker inter-product link introduced into the scheme by the Borno State government. It registered up to 18,000 farmers for the scheme and got up to 33,000 bags of rice which were unveiled in three pyramids in the state capital.

The smallholder farmers cut across the various LGs in Borno State where farming activities took place during last year’s rainy season upon the timely receipt of their farm inputs in areas like Jere, Konduga, Mafa, Biu, Hawul and Shani. The program coincided with the post crisis recovery and stabilization phase where livelihood support in agriculture are provided to beneficiaries with the view to establishing resilience by creating food security, jobs, wealth and boost nutrition.

Though fully a CBN/FG programme, the concept is such that the Off-taker will buy off all the produce at a Guarantee Market Price (GMP) and deduct the cost per hectre from the total amount, and any excess money after the deduction is considered as profit to the farmer.

Meanwhile, Governor Kashim Shettima paid glowing tribute to President Muhammad Buhari, the Armed Forces and other security agencies for their sacrifices and continued efforts in the restoration of peace to Borno State and the North East, at large, without which the Anchor Borrowers Scheme would not have been possible.

25 Mar 2018


society’s basic needs basically is to have a sustainable agricultural programme that will enhance farmers to actively engage in their farming activities which will consequently result in abundant availability of food.

Food demand in Nigeria has generally grown faster than either food production or food supply. According to a report by CBN, the rate of increase of food production of 2.5 per annum does not keep pace with the annual population growth of 2.8 per annum

It is said that, the basic needs of one citizen is the basic needs of every citizen. In other words, no matter how highly place one may be, he or she, definitely needs food to carry on with the hustle and bustle of daily activities.

luckily for the farmers of Borno state. In this regard, wal wane and sons limited has to a large extend, positively affects the livelihood of Borno state people in no small way by proving beyond reasonable doubt that, self-sufficient of food production is attainable if adequate support is given on the part of government.

Some people argues that, agriculture in Borno of today does not bring all possible benefits, but professionalism and wise management has proved them absolutely wrong. Wal wanne farmers have done an incredible job of harvesting 33,000 bags of paddy rice.

So far so good, Wal wanne and sons limited has been applauded for their potentials to provide a solution and more environmentally friendly agriculture, especially in the face of unprecedented climate, global change and security challenges that has been the order of the day in Borno state.

However, it’s very obvious to every right thinking citizen of Borno state, who want the state to be economically buoyant, that the measures put in place by wal wanne, if sustain , will lift Nigerians out of poverty that is bedevilling our youths and put back the lost glory of agriculture, which was abandoned due to enthusiasm for oil revenues.

It is worth noting that, the unveiling of 33,000 bags of paddy rice pyramid which will be grace by President Buhari is a clear picture of the developmental agenda of wal wanne farmers, in-line with the CBN anchor borrowers programme to promote local rice production and create millions job for the rapidly growing population.

25 Mar 2018


Tuesday will be a day of reckoning for the residents of Maiduguri. A very historic and eventful occasion is at the verge of taking place within the metropolis. The people of Maiduguri are yet again anticipating the arrival of president Muhammad Buhari to unveil the rice pyramid of 33,000 bags, at Ramat square. Courtesy of wal wanne and sons limited.

If my memory serves me right, the last time president Buhari visited Maiduguri was to celebrate the nation’s 57th Independence anniversary with troops defending the nation against Boko Haram terrorist.

Hence, this time around, the issue has taking another dimension entirely, as wal wanne and sons limited are set to showcase the agricultural potentials of the Home of peace, in grand style.

However, it’s a well known fact that, the importance of agriculture cannot be over-emphasized in every nation of the world. In view of this, the government of president Buhari since inception, tilt its priority towards revolutionising the agricultural sector, specifically to reposition the economy.

One of such developmental idea is, the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Anchor Borrowers Programme which has empowered millions of Nigerians rice farmers and as a result driving the country to attaining self sufficiency in rice production.

Wal wanne ,through the anchor borrowers programme of the central bank of Nigeria and the bank of agric, despite the violent activities of the dreaded boko haram insurgents, was able to mobilise more than 18,000 farmers across the state, provide them with funding, expertise and mechanization so as to yield positive outcome. Consequently, the end has justify the means, after the bumper harvest, 33,000 bags of rice were harvested, which will be historically displayed on Tuesday ,27 March, 2018.

While expressing satisfaction, an elderly man, Yusuf Umar Ishaq said that, ” the idea is indeed a welcome development not only to the jobless youths, but of course, Borno state at large” He went further by adding that, “wal wanne is a blessing to Borno state and we hope to see more of his kind in nearby future , so that Borno state can get to the promise land”.

On Tuesday, 27 of March, notable dignitaries and people from all walks of life are expected to converge at Ramat square to witness the remarkable event.

25 Mar 2018


Written by secretary rice farmers/Vendors cooperative society of Borno.

It is very disheartening that some people spare no effort to take propaganda beyond its acceptable gauge. I stumbled upon an article by one self -aclaimed concern citizen who claimed to have a know-how about the agricultural sector in Borno state. He ignorantly questioned the possibility of massive rice production in Borno state by Wal wanne 18,000 farmers.

Nevertheless, we are leaving in a free world, where everybody is entitled to his own opinion. One can sit at the comfort of his room, with little or no information at his disposal, fabricates malicious and false statements aimed at sabotaging the efforts and goodwill of others. The write up is far much from the truth and indeed it’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.

The anchor borrowers clients works hand in hand with the the CBN and the Bank of agric to attend this milestone achievement. Every step of the process was done so transparent that, raising alarm as to how a single individual can harvest 36,000 paddy rice is a clear indications of the futile attempt of a mischievous element to alter the fact around development in Borno state. Also, he is unavoidably leaving in the past.

In his propagandist article, he named five local government of Borno which include Damasak, Jere, Abadam Banki(Bama), Marte which he said that farming activities never took place for the last five years in those areas. He however, forgot to acknowledge the fact that,wal wanne and sons limited never said their 33,000 paddy rice, which expectedly will be unveil by Mr President , were harvested in the said local governments. Rather, they were farmed in Biu, Hawul, Damboa, Mafa, kwaya kusar,Shani, jere, konduga and Maiduguri.This clearly shows how misinformed and desperate he was to disseminate falsehood at the expense of gullible Bornolites.

According to the Head of Development Finance of the CBN, Maiduguri branch, Mahmood Nyako, stated in an interview that, before an anchor borrowers client will be approved and given a signal to farm, prior research has to be conducted as to where will be the ideal place should be for the time being. Consequently, they focused mostly in southern Borno’s local governments and some part of Borno central.

Among the local governments he emphasized on as being the only rice producer, not even one was mentioned by Mahmood, Contrary to his narrow-minded view that

Rice production can only be done in those local government he mentioned. People should disregard gullibility which is the basic ingredients that encourages tale bearing.

The good people of Borno state are hereby strongly advised to shun the rumours by the unscrupulous elements working against the progress of Borno and indulging in act that can truncate the smooth running of unveiling the rice pyramid. It is therefore outrightly unfounded and terribly mischievous.

The wishes of the army of mis-information and misguidance, who are nothing but enemies of progress to our dear state. They are on a mission to see to it that, the state never prosper.

Wal wanne’s contributions to the success of the state cannot be distracted or swayed by naysayers. Advisably, they should find a new pastime and make effort to be part of the train of progress. whether they like it or not, Borno state is part of affirmed success.

23 Mar 2018


our major problem in Borno state is unemployment,now it’s gradually coming to an end through Anchor borrowers programme. The unavailability of food is coming to an end in Borno State as well as starvation of food, Wal Wanne and Sons limited are creating farming opportunities to our farmers.
By mere positive expectations president Muhammadu Buhari will witness the lunching of the pyramid in Maiduguri. And unshakable will be glad about these rice producing. However
Nigeria has the ability to produce Rice compatibly.

Wal wanne has the potential of growing enough rice to support it’s growing population and generate surplus that can be exported to the neighbouring continent . and it will be backdrop that the present Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari will come on board and preached about the need to diversify the economy , Because many States government in his region took up the challenges more particularly North-East particularly Borno State.
Nevertheless, today the story is different as groundnut pyramids have not only disappeared but the crops no longer economically viable, as rice has taken over the position of groundnut in the region. If we considered , Rice is the most one of staple food consumed in most homes, twice a day nor thrice,
Because it has economy value.

But what the country produces annually is just three million metric tonnes. Leaving it with a deficit of two million metric tonnes.
We expect now to be Six million metric tonnes annually, and also leaving it with a deficit of four million metric tonnes Statistically. What we assumed every years from now.

The country import about Two million metric tonnes, Saying on the average Nigeria Spends are billion Naira on rice importation Daily ( 365 billion Naira annually.) But why our marketers, farmers , Agrarian, are not gathered there minds and ideas so that to makes our great nations out of dilemma.

That ravaged the northern Nigerian losses with an estimated loss of $250 million in regional trade should be recovered accordingly. With the consortium nature of this partnership success stories will comes, Because difference perceptions, knowledge, financially and academically if are applied under Wal_wanne and sons limited success most be achieved.
Although it can helps to increased for sustain rice producing for small farmers as well as Nigerian citizenry will be leaved happily.